Laboratory Strengthening & Accreditation

Our contribution to high quality laboratory services

Laboratory Strengthening and Accreditation

DATOS experts have vast amounts of experience in laboratory strengthening through implementing ISO 15189 quality management systems. We use this experience to assist other laboratories with the implementation of the ISO 15189 requirements.


National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory of Benin.

Medical Laboratories and ISO 15189

The introduction of quality management systems is a key laboratory strengthening activity, increasing both performance and capacity of the medical laboratory. The requirements to a quality management system for medical laboratories are formulated in the international quality standard ISO 15189 (titled: ‘ISO 15189 Medical laboratories — Particular requirements for quality and competence).


DATOS’ unique mentoring approach

We have developed a unique approach for mentoring of medical laboratories all across the world. And this paid off: over the past years our experts have mentored laboratories in Myanmar, Laos PDR and Sierra Leone with the implementation of quality management. In 2017 DATOS developed a movie about the importance of quality management in health laboratories for the World Health Organization, watch the movie below:




















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In this movie laboratory scientists from all over the world tell about the importance of implementing a quality management system. This movie was developed by DATOS and partners for the World Health Organization.

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