Our work in Sudan

Sudan - Curriculum Revision of the Pre-service Laboratory Education Programme

DATOS was requested by the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for the Eastern Mediteranean to coordinate a curriculum revision of the pre-service laboratory education programme in Sudan. DATOS conducts this project together with an education expert of the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in The Netherlands.


Proven effectiveness

The team members use a standardized methodology for curriculum revision which they developed for WHO Regional Office for Europe as part of the Better Labs for Better Health initiative. This methodology has been field tested, standardized and applied in a number of countries in Central Asia and Eastern Europe.


Phased approach

The Task Force Curriculum Revision of Sudan conducted interviews with students, teachers, laboratory managers and other stakeholders to collect information on the current state of the laboratory workers’ education. The output of these interviews is used in a workshop with the National Laboratory Education Working Group. During this workshop the current state of the laboratory education is discussed and the participants get training on modern education concepts, after which they are guided in the formulation of the desired state of the education programme as well as action points and roadmap to improve the programme.


In a second workshop, two months later, the outcome of the activities planned in the first workshop were discussed and follow-up activities for the finalization of the curriculum revision were agreed upon.


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