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United Kingdom - Advising the Fleming Fund to build Antimicrobial Resistance surveillance

In 2015 the Fleming Fund was launched by The Wellcome Trust in collaboration with the UK Government, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Institut Pasteur International Network and other partners. The goal is to build laboratory capacity, surveillance networks and response capacity in low- and middle-income countries worldwide.


Antimicrobial resistance increasingly driving a global crisis

The Fleming Fund was developed partly in response to the recommendations made by the independent Review on Antimicrobial Resistance, which indicated that drug resistance is increasingly driving a global crisis (source: Welcome Trust).



DATOS works with Mott MacDonald to build laboratory capacity in Myanmar, Nepal and Kenya

The British organization Mott MacDonald is coordinating the roll-out of the Fleming Fund project. Currently, DATOS collaborates with Mott MacDonald to strengthen the AMR surveillance capacity specifically in the early investment countries Myanmar and Nepal, with more countries to follow in the future. During the current inception phase in 2017 scoping and assessment missions were conducted to these countries to assess the laboratory systems and surveillance systems, focusing specifically on AMR surveillance capacity. These missions will inform the best next steps to roll out capacity strengthening projects in these countries, which will be decided by the countries themselves.


DATOS conducted scoping missions to Nepal and Myanmar.


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