Network & System Strengthening

Laboratory Net works and Systems - The Basis for Laboratory Service Strengthening

Laboratories are the eyes and ears of the health system. Laboratories provide diagnostic services for clinical care and they are in the frontline to detect and and confirm disease outbreaks. Wthout proper referral and communication mechanisms, patients lack easy access to all diagnostic services and early response to disease outbreaks may be impossible.

The National Laboratory Network

The National Laboratory Network includes the testing sites at the community level health center to National Reference Laboratories. The higher in the network, the more extensive the testing portfolio, including complex or high-tech tests. One of the benefits of operating in a well functioning National Laboratory Network is that each patient that enters the laboratory network has access to all the laboratory services provided by the entire network, regardless of his/her disease or condition. 

DATOS develops tools to assess the National Laboratory Network, facilitate the design and upgrading of the network, and develops and provides tailor-made courses fo laboratory professionals to manage and lead a National Laboratory Network.

The National Laboratory Network is supported by a laboratory system

The national laboratory network is supported by a laboratory system with organizational, input and support elements such as a strong legal framework, a competent and motivated workforce and a successfully implemented laboratory quality management system (LQMS). 

A strong national laboratory policy is at the basis of laboratory system strengthening, read about DATOS’ extensive experience and unique approach to develop national laboratory policies and strategic plans

The system is only as strong as its weakest link. DATOS develops tools and tailor-made courses to assess and strengthen the system as a whole or are targeted towards strengthening specific system elements.

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Health Center in Kojja, Uganda

A level 3 health center in Kojja, Uganda, which is part of the national laboratory network.