Policy & Planning

Development of National Laboratory Policy and Strategic Plans

Strong laboratories cannot exist without strong support systems. To provide high quality services, a laboratory needs to have high quality personnel, supplies, equipment and facilities. Not once, but always.

NLWG of Mongolia

National governments are at the basis of laboratory strengthening

Strong legislation is crucial for well-functioning procurement and supply chains, properly educated staff, properly calibrated equipment, etc.

DATOS assists national governments with development of National Laboratory Policies and Strategic Plans under the One Health approach. We do this through a consensus process, which starts with the formation of a ‘National Laboratory Working Group’. This group consists of representatives of all possible stakeholders, such as the ministry of health, ministry of education, human medical laboratory sector, veterinary laboratory sector, private laboratory sector, etc.

Phased approach

Through a phased approach DATOS guides the National Laboratory Working Group with the development of a full-fledged National Laboratory Policy based on a standaradized methodology developed for WHO Europe. Because each country has its own strengths, opportunities and limitations, the National Laboratory Policy is developed to reflect the national situation. To ensure implementation of this policy after endorsement, DATOS also facilitates the development of Strategic Plans.


Our experts have guided National Laboratory Working Groups of Oman, Nepal, Mongolia, Pakistan Moldova, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Sudan with the formulation of National Laboratory Policies and Strategic Plans.

Taking policy and planning to the next level: the National Laboratory Quality Framework

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the world the importance of high quality laboratory services. At the request of of the African Society for Laboratory Medicine (ASLM), DATOS used its extensive experience and expertise in the policy development to develop guidance for countries to Establish a National Laboratory Quality Framework. This framework guides countries in the establishment and amendment of national policies and is aimed at facilitating the implementation of laboratory quality management systems. This guidance was launched by the African Union and Africa CDC in November 2021, and can be accessed here: Guidance for Establishing a National Laboratory Quality Framework – Africa CDC.

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